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I-Ready Wiki's policies and guidelines aim to provide a comprehensible framework of "do's," "don'ts" and best practices for editors at this wiki.

Policies set general rules for the wiki's administration and its content. Their goal is to establish basic criteria for all content and rules for using administrative tools.

Guidelines describe desired etiquette and common practice in the creation, editing and organization of articles on this wiki. Their goal is to make the wiki easier to use for both editors and readers alike and to make its appearance more consistent and streamlined.

==Adding or changing policies and guidelines==
Any editor is free to edit policies and guidelines to improve clarity and readability. However, changes to the actual content or meaning should only be done with community consensus.

To this end, the normal procedure for proposing new policies and guidelines or changing existing ones is to create a topic in the "wiki discussion" forum. Once the discussion has led to a final draft, call a vote. The vote needs to run for a week at minimum and at least ten votes are required for it to be valid; a simple majority is sufficient to pass. Voting requirements for those wishing to participate are that they must have a registered account, and have made at least one edit prior to the start of the vote.

The administrators may veto a policy; this should only be done sparingly and for valid reasons. Aside from the normal procedure, the administrators may "decree" policies or guidelines. This should only be done only with consensus among administrators and in cases where community consensus cannot be reached but a policy or guideline is needed. Of course, changes to decreed policies and guidelines can be suggested by anyone through the procedure detailed above.

==List of policies and guidelines==
{| class="va-table va-table-top va-table-full"
! style="width: 25%;" | Policy/guideline
! style="width: 50%;" | What it concerns
! style="width: 25%;" | Sub-guidelines
| Administration policy
| Administrator actions in general; blocking, deletion and page protection

| Article layout guideline
| What to put where in articles

* Character article layout
| Bug policy
| What types of bugs are notable for inclusion, and how they should be formatted

| Content organization guideline
| How content is organized; what makes a subject qualify for an own article, how to name, how to categorize articles, when and how to disambiguate

| Content policy
| What content may be added to the wiki; what rules apply to all content

| Editing guideline
| How to write and properly format content

| Image policy and Video policy
| Which images and videos may be uploaded and added to articles as well as quality criteria they should fulfill

| User conduct guideline
| How editors should behave

| Chat
| How users should behave in chat.
| Discussions forum guidelines
| The rules that apply to the Discussions forum


In the event of an apparent conflict between any of the rules, the more specific rule will dominate over the more general rule.